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Is Israel Occupying the West Bank and Gaza Strip?

Palestinians describe Israel as an “occupier,” which places the Israel-Palestinian conflict in the context of an oppressor and the oppressed. Learn history that clarifies what actually happened.

Is Zionism “Settler Colonialism”?

Charactering Zionism as a “settler colonial” enterprise is based on false information and a skewed view of history. It is a lie political in nature that does not describe Israel’s origin or current population.

Sarah in the Bible, an Overlooked Hero of the Faith

Hebrews 11:11 says by faith Sarah received strength to conceive and bore a child when she was “well past age.” Learn about Sarah, the “mother of us all.”

Pivotal Moments in Jewish-Christian Relations

This historic partnership affirmed to our nation’s political leaders the breadth and depth of American support for Israel, but it also demonstrated something new: a blossoming relationship between Jewish and Christian clergy.

The Double Standards of the Gaza War

The world’s response to Israel’s war with Hamas that began on October 7 is nothing short of a travesty …

5 Lies about Israel and Its Birth as a Nation in 1948

Since becoming a state in 1948, Israel’s enemies have continually attempted to defeat and discredit the Jewish State …

The Big Lie: Who Is Really Committing Genocide?

The “big lie” is an expression Adolf Hitler coined to describe his technique of telling a lie …

Do the Israel Defense Forces Violate International Law?

Do the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) violate international war law? Read how Israel incorporates International Humanitarian Law (IHL) into their basic doctrine.

Antisemitic Tropes in Full Force Today

An antisemitic trope is a myth or sensational report, misrepresentation, or lie defamatory toward Judaism or the Jewish people as an ethnic or religious group. Part 2 in a 2-Part Series.

What Are Antisemitic Tropes?

An antisemitic trope is a myth or sensational report, misrepresentation, or lie defamatory toward Judaism or the Jewish people as an ethnic or religious group. Part 1 in a 2-Part Series.

Proof God Is King over All

The evil pursuit of the Jewish people has continued for millennia, which is why historian Robert Wistrich called antisemitism “the longest hatred.”

Prophetic Signs in Our Time

Several prophetic passages of Scripture paint a vivid picture of events in our days as well as those in days to come. But they use imagery and descriptive names of God that can be hard for contemporary readers to understand …

What We Learn from the Descriptive Names of God

More than 100 “descriptive” names of God are woven throughout the stories in the Bible. Most of them were assigned to God by His people …

God As He Wants You to Know Him

Throughout every generation people have wondered who God is and what He is like. Thankfully, the Bible is not silent on this topic …

Jews and Christians Learning to Relate Part 3: Advice from Pioneers

Many Evangelical Christians have an appreciation for the Jewish people and would love to develop a relationship between the two faiths…

Overtaken with the Blessings of God

Our God loves to bless His children. In fact, this is one of the things that set the Israelites apart from all other people …

Jews and Christians Learning to Relate Part 2: Since the Holocaust

The death of six million Jews in the heart of Christian Europe had served as a wake-up call in many respects….

Jews and Christians Learning to Relate Part 1: The Return of Christianity to Its Jewish Roots

For the first time in almost 2,000 years, Jews and Christians are learning how to be friends and relate to one another with respect and appreciation…

Why Christians Support Israel Part 5: Biblical Reasons

The biblical basis for Christian support of Israel is extensive. The Torah, Psalms, prophetic books, and New Testament agree that God’s promises to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob are “everlasting.”

Why Christians Support Israel Part 4: Legal Reasons

In spite of what you may hear, Israel’s founding is legally sound and had the support of the UN and the major international authorities of the day.

Why Christians Support Israel Part 3: Moral Reasons

Christian anti-Judaism developed into antisemitism, which paved the way for the Holocaust. Today, however, we have the opportunity to make amends and build a new relationship based on mutual respect.

Why Christians Support Israel Part 2: Practical Reasons

There are many very practical reasons for any American to support Israel—the only stable democracy in a volatile region.

Why Christians Support Israel Part 1: Personal Reasons

Since the founding of Israel, millions of Christians have visited Israel and its holy sites, experiencing their Bible come alive and their faith renewed.

The Story That Began in Genesis Is Not Over

For some Christians there is a disconnect between the Old and New Testaments. However, the story that began in Genesis is still going on today, and we are called to be part of it.

Nothing Is Impossible with God

The Israelites began celebrating the miracle of the Exodus as soon as they left Egypt, and it became an annual weeklong feast now celebrated for 3,500 years.

Is Israel a Racist Apartheid State?

Amnesty International recently issued a report accusing Israel of being an apartheid state. The allegation is a critical issue. We must understand if this is true or not.

Why Does Antisemitism Still Exist?

The evil pursuit of the Jewish people has continued for millennia, which is why historian Robert Wistrich called antisemitism “the longest hatred.”

Was Israel Founded on Stolen Arab Land?

If “Israel was founded on stolen Arab land” Israel’s founding is illegal. But do the facts support this accusation? Let’s consider a few facts to get to the truth…

The Bible’s Prescription for Anxiety

Life is full of concerns and troubles. Jesus understood this and told His followers not to be anxious about their daily cares or the future.

Why is Israel So Controversial?

There are two competing views of Israel: One that Israel is a miracle—the other, that it is a calamity. How can there be two polar opposite opinions, and what makes Israel so controversial?

The Miracles of Israel

The story of the founding of Israel is really quite a fascinating one… It could be described as a perfect storm of global movements only God could have planned and orchestrated.

Celebrating Esther

Most of us are familiar with the book of Esther. But few of us understand the true significance of this story.

Connecting the Bible to Israel Today

Many of us are familiar with the Judaism of the Bible, but few of us understand how it has developed over time and how it differs today.

Defeating Anxiety and Fear

Many of us have suffered fear, isolation, and loss during the pandemic…Anxiety is a strong emotion—a mixture of worry, doubt, and fear—but at its root is a lack of faith.

The Blessing of a Little Shabbat Shalom

If you long for a little peace in your life, too, a weekly time of rest and quiet might help bring that about.

The Beginning and the End (Week 53)

This week we reach the end of the Bible and can, therefore, better understand the beginning!

The Key to Revelation (Week 52)

The key to understanding the sequence of events in the book of Revelation seems to be the Old Testament event of the Exodus or Passover.

Which Women Was Paul Talking About? (Week 51)

Was Paul really saying women were not to teach or exercise authority over a man, or that the women were not to teach a certain false doctrine popular in Ephesus?

Paul the Roman Citizen (Week 50)

As a Roman citizen, Paul was uniquely qualified for a pioneering work…taking the good news of a Jewish Messiah to the pagan, gentile Roman Empire.

Don’t Be Ignorant of This Mystery (Week 49)

Paul’s epistle to the Romans is considered the most concise presentation of the gospel in the New Testament.

Walk by the Spirit (Week 48)

The early church was initially made up of Jews who believed Jesus was the Jewish Messiah, and boy were they surprised when gentiles started getting saved…

It Doesn’t Get More Exciting Than This (Week 47)

Have you ever tried to put yourself in the disciples’ shoes after Jesus’ death and burial? Everything changed on Sunday morning…

Jesus the King (Week 46)

During the final week of Jesus’ life, He began to prepare His disciples for what was ahead…and described His eventual return to earth.

The Holidays with Jesus (Week 45)

Do you sometimes dread the holidays because of family tensions? Well, you haven’t seen anything until you hear about Jesus’ holidays.

Do You Have Ears to Hear? (Week 44)

Jesus was more than a good teacher… He taught with such authority. It was as though God Himself was speaking to them and revealing deep spiritual truths.

The Heart of the Matter (Week 43)

Jesus was born while the oppressive and brutal Roman Empire and its appointed king, Herod the Great, ruled the Jewish people.

One Amazing Moment! (Week 42)

Ever since Adam and Eve’s fall into sin and their banishment from the garden of Eden… God set the stage for an amazing moment when He would initiate a new covenant.

He Will Send a Messenger Before Him (Week 41)

When Nehemiah brought the third group of exiles back to rebuild Jerusalem, he encountered much resistance…

God Saves His People and His Plan (Week 40)

We all love a story about a beautiful young lady chosen to be a queen such as that found in the book of Esther…

Restoring the Fortunes of Zion (Week 39)

The first wave of exiles arrived in Jerusalem soon after King Cyrus allowed them to return to rebuild the temple.

Should the United States Fund Israel’s Iron Dome?

Iron Dome funding recently hit headlines when progressive Democrats had it removed from an emergency bill …

The Time to Favor Zion Has Come (Week 38)

After the fall of Jerusalem to the Babylonians, the children of Israel found themselves in exile in the land of their enemy.

When God Speaks (Week 37)

God wanted to prove the stuff Job was made of! But what a test…Then God spoke. And everything changed in an instant.

God Delivers Those Who Obey Him (Week 36)

The story of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego is a wonderful story of God’s power over the idolatry and tyranny of the time. What a mighty God we serve!

God Will Vindicate His Name (Week 35)

The prophet Ezekiel has a series of visions and prophecies to minister hope to his fellow exiles in Babylon.

Standing with the Jewish People Against Anti-Semitism

Anti-Semitism is surging around the world and the Middle East, where Jew-hatred is entrenched in everyday life.

A New Covenant (Week 34)

As Jeremiah warned King Zedekiah of impending judgment; the only rays of hope were prophecies of a future Messiah and a new covenant…

Departure of the Glory of God (Week 33)

Ezekiel watched as the glory of God rose out of the temple, moved over the eastern gate, and stopped above…the Mount of Olives.

I Know the Plans I Have for You (Week 32)

Jeremiah 29:11 is a favorite Bible verse quoted to encourage others in hard times. But what was the original context of these hope-filled words?

God Reveals His Word and Fulfills It (Week 31)

Josiah became the king of the Southern Kingdom of Judah at the age of eight.

Jeremiah’s Lonely Call as Prophet (Week 30)

Jeremiah was still a young man when God called him to be a prophet, so he felt he was not prepared for the task.

Isaiah’s Vision of Restoration (Week 29)

One of the most astounding books in the entire Bible is the book of the prophet Isaiah.

How Christians are Celebrating the Feast

Each year, thousands of believers from around the world ascend to the city of Jerusalem for the Feast …

God Hears Hezekiah’s Prayers (Week 28)

God did amazing things for King Hezekiah… God smote Sennacherib’s army, and they retreated to Assyria, leaving Jerusalem untouched.

One Down, One To Go (Week 27)

Through the prophet Isaiah, the Lord sings a song over His vineyard—the nation of Israel.

The Greatest Prophet (Week 26)

Out of all the prophetic books in the Bible, Isaiah is the longest—one reason he is often considered the greatest prophet of Israel.

God’s Love for His Wayward People (Week 25)

The Bible can be summed up as the story of God’s love for the world because it tells of the divine plan to redeem fallen mankind…

They Are Still His People (Week 24)

After reaching the pinnacle of blessing and prosperity, King Solomon fell into idolatry, bringing down judgment on his dynasty.

What in the World is Going On? (Week 23)

Elijah’s calls for a dramatic showdown with the prophets of Ba’al. They attempt to bring down fire from heaven to consume their sacrifice but cannot…

God Will Judge Every Deed (Week 22)

God promised King David an everlasting dynasty and that if David’s son who succeeded him sinned, he would be punished but not removed as king.

The Wisest Man on Earth Becomes a Fool (Week 21)

One of the hardest things Christians must grapple with is learning that a revered Christian preacher is leading a secret life of sin…

God Hears from Heaven (Week 20)

King Solomon prayed for you and me! I find this to be so astounding…

The Most-Quoted Psalm (Week 19)

The book of Psalms is quoted over 100 times in the New Testament, and the one quoted the most is Psalm 110.

Hallelujah! (Week 18)

The Hebrew word Hallelujah means “Praise the Lord” and appears numerous times throughout the Psalms…

Going Up to Jerusalem With Singing (Week 17)

In biblical times, it was such a joy and privilege to go to Jerusalem that it was done with singing.

The Place God Chose (Week 16)

The spiritual and political significance of the Temple Mount has made it the most controversial piece of real estate in the world…

When God Makes a Promise (Week 15)

God promised David an eternal kingdom, but some 400 years later, it looked like the house of David had been cut down to the ground.

Jerusalem, the City of David (Week 14)

When I first went to Israel as a Bible student, I could not think of any field of study more boring than that of archaeology—what I called “the study of dust and stones.”

Transforming Lives One Page at a Time

I was blown away when a listener recently wrote to say my Walk Thru the Bible podcast series had changed their life.

When We Get What We Ask For (Week 13)

The Bible contains an intriguing story about how the Israelite people asked for a king—something that was actually God’s will for them in the future.

When Everyone Does As They See Fit (Week 12)

After the Israelites crossed the Jordan River on dry ground, saw the walls of Jericho tumble down…

What Is the IHRA Definition of Anti-Semitism?

The International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA), an intergovernmental organization…

Each Generation’s Choice (Week 11)

The world is changing rapidly around us, and our children and grandchildren are growing up in an America that is very…

Are You Ready? (Week 10)

After wandering in the wilderness for some 40 years, the Israelites were undoubtedly ready to move on and enter the promised land. Their time had…

What We Learn From the Law (Week 9)

Law is such a boring word! It sounds so strict and legalistic. But the apostle Paul said the law was our instructor or tutor. God was conveying…

The God of Celebration and Rest (Week 8)

One of my favorite memories of living in Jerusalem was how the city would completely shut down on Shabbat…

God’s Love for His People (Week 7)

It is happening more and more these days, and it just breaks my heart. A pastor of another large church has announced that the Bible is not the Word of God.

How Do Israeli Elections Work?

On December 22, 2020, Israel’s coalition government with two prime ministers dissolved after the Knesset failed to pass a state budget.

The Necessity of Faith (Week 6)

A couple of years ago, I was grappling with what appears to be contradictory principles regarding healing.

God Proposes Marriage (Week 5)

After the amazing Exodus from Egypt—where the Israelites were freed after generations of slavery in Egypt…

A Purim Message For the American Church

The Jewish world will celebrate Purim this month and remember the heroism of a young Jewish woman…

God Saw the Affliction of His People (Week 4)

The story of the Israelites in Egypt and their exodus out of the nation that enslaved them for 400 years is one full of miracles.

Joseph’s Prophetic Role (Week 3)

We all have bad days here and there. But every once in a while, tragedy may strike… It can be so bad it causes us to question whether God is with us or not.

Raw Honesty of the Bible (Week 2)

The Bible is often portrayed as mythology. But when I read the stories in the Bible, I find such gut-wrenching honesty that I am confident it is true.

The Watershed Moment that Changed the World (Week 1)

The biblical narrative is so full of fascinating stories and epic tales that the overarching story-behind-the-stories can easily be lost…

Jesus’ Resurrection and Return (Part 7)

The Scriptures provide deep significance for Jesus’ last days spent on the Mount of Olives, as well as his ascension from there.

Jesus’ Last Week in Jerusalem (Part 6)

When reading the story of Jesus’ last week in Jerusalem, a curious story found in Mark involves a man with a water pitcher…

Jesus Goes to Jerusalem (Part 5)

While the bulk of Jesus’ ministry took place in the region around the Sea of Galilee, He did go to Jerusalem on several occasions to celebrate the great feasts of Israel.

Jesus’ Galilean Ministry (Part 4)

Nothing makes the Bible come alive like sitting on the shores of the Sea of Galilee or atop the hill where it is believed Jesus gave the Sermon on the Mount.

Jesus’ Childhood (Part 3)

Although the Bible is virtually silent about Jesus’ childhood years, Susan discusses life in Nazareth in the first century and what it tells us about Jesus’ childhood.

Birth of Jesus (Part 2)

After a lifetime of Christmas pageants and nativity scenes, we have grown numb to the amazing story of the birth of Jesus…a closer, grownups’ look at the Christmas story, reveals so much more than meets the eye.

What Is Causing The Sudden Worldwide Shift In Support For Israel?

On September 15, 2020, the ministers of foreign affairs for the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Bahrain…

Setting the Stage for Jesus (Part 1)

Ever wonder why Jesus was born when He was, or why He was born to a Jewish girl in Nazareth of Galilee? Jesus did not just appear out of nowhere…

The Search Begins (Part 8)

The quest for your Bible to come alive is found in understanding God’s eternal plan: the story behind the stories.

The God of the Bible (Part 7)

It is important that we come to know God for who He is and not who we want Him to be.

The People of the Bible (Part 6)

Explore the often-misunderstood distinction between Israel and the church.

The Land of the Bible (Part 5)

The story of the Bible is the story of God’s plan to redeem mankind. Central to that story is the calling on the Jewish people found in God’s covenant with Abraham in Genesis 12:1-3.

How Christians Should Read the Old Testament (Part 4)

Without the Old Testament, we will never fully understand who Jesus was, what He came to do, and why He has to come again!

The Story of the Bible (Part 3)

Many Christians struggle to read and comprehend the Bible. This is understandable, as the Bible is made up of 66 books, written by 40 different people, and covers a span of over 2,500 years.

How to Read the Bible (Part 2)

Essential to living the Christian life is studying the Bible at what I call the inspirational level—with the end-goal of applying what we are learning to our daily lives.

Why Study the Bible (Part 1)

Essential to living the Christian life is studying the Bible at “the inspirational level”—with the end-goal of applying what we are learning to our daily lives.

Preparing to Tabernacle With God: The Feast of Tabernacles

As someone who was at that first Feast of Tabernacles celebration in Jerusalem in 1980 and who has…

What the Abraham Accord Means for Israel

The presence of United Arab Emirates officials earlier this year at the announcement of President Trump’s plan for peace…

I Am The God Who Heals

When the Israelites escaped Pharaoh’s armies and began their journey through the wilderness, God began to reveal to them who He was…

Why Christians Care About Annexation

I have engaged with a number of reporters lately, both on and off the record, concerning the Trump…

The Strategic Importance Of The Jordan Valley

President Trump’s proposed peace plan for Israel and the Palestinians allows for Israel’s annexation…

Does Israel Have The Right To Annex Settlements?

The Trump administration unveiled the long-awaited peace plan between Israel and the Palestinian people…

Does Christian Anti-Semitism Exist?

Many Evangelical Christians…do not believe a “true” Christian can be anti-Semitic. Unfortunately, history has proven otherwise.

Why Pandemics Are Dangerous For Jews

Abundant conspiracy theories and misinformation about the coronavirus pandemic have elevated fear…

Why Does Anti-Semitism Still Exist?

The evil pursuit of the Jewish people has continued for millennia, which is why historian Robert Wistrich called anti-Semitism “the longest hatred.”

How Anti-Semitic Alliances Unite Enemies

One of the first lessons we learn in the history of anti-Semitism is that hatred makes strange bedfellows. The oddest of partnerships have been formed around a common enemy.

How ‘Righteous’ Does One Need To Be?

The historical account of the Holocaust would not be complete without the amazing stories of the brave individuals who risked their lives to save Jews.

The “Big Lie” Against the Jew

When we think of Germany under the Nazi regime, we have images of a military police state in which the people were coerced to acquiescence… However, Hitler also had a stunningly effective propaganda strategy…

How the Church Failed the Jewish People

It is a part of fallen human nature to need a scapegoat. …It’s easier to hold grudges and even take revenge than to forgive and demonstrate the very compassion we preach.

Why is Anti-Semitism so Dangerous?

No ideological movement is more dangerous than one held together by the hatred of a demonized enemy…

Why Is the Aliyah of the Ethiopian Jews Critical?

The origin of the Ethiopian Jews is a bit of a mystery…Their mysterious story is one of a beautiful, simple faith alongside centuries of difficulty.

A Dangerous Theology—Not Irresistible at All

The pastor of the second-largest church in America, Andy Stanley, wants to change the way Christianity is taught to reach new generations of skeptics, according to his book Irresistible…

Why You Should Go to Israel This Year!

Every year is the right year for a trip to Israel, whether it is your first trip or 100th!

Why is Gaza Such a Problem?

While historically Gaza was a sleepy outpost of much larger empires, it has recently become an overcrowded hotbed of Islamist ideology…

How Have the Jewish People Survived Against All Odds?

One cannot help but notice when reading the Bible that most of the people groups mentioned no…

What Sets Israel Apart From Other Nations?

Israel, a nation as small as the state of New Jersey, occupies center stage of the world’s attention…

ICEJ-USA Director Susan Michael Awarded Honorary Doctorate

New Christians struggling to study their Bible are often taught to read the scriptures as though…

Is It Safe To Visit Israel? Yes!

Tourists and business leaders alike flock to Israel. GLOBES, Israel’s financial daily, reports that…

Why Is Israel’s Modern Statehood A Miracle?

The story of modern Israel is amazing in itself, but when taken within the context of the history of the Jewish…

What Does the Bible Have To Say About The Return Of The Jewish People To Their Homeland?

A special term from the Hebrew Bible is used to describe the process of returning to the Land…

How Can We Help Palestinian Refugees?

Seventy years ago, the United Nations voted to declare Israel a modern state. When Prime Minister…

Does The United States Benefit From Its Alliance With Israel?

Like a diamond with many facets, Israel shines in its value to the United States. Our ally enhances…

The Gospel Spreads from Caesarea to Rome

The ancient city of Caesarea Maritima nestled along the Mediterranean coast was one of the most significant seaports in the world during the time of Herod the Great and the events of the book of Acts.

Is Media Coverage Accurate About Israel’s Military Actions?

The United States and Israeli militaries are closely aligned with similar ethics policies governing…

Outpouring of the Holy Spirit in Caesarea

The city of Caesarea is mentioned a number of times in the New Testament, such as the Roman Centurion Cornelius’ receiving of the Holy Spirit as recorded in the book of Acts.

Does Israel Receive The Most US Foreign Aid?

Israel’s detractors and even uninformed friends often complain that Israel receives more US foreign…

How Is A Small Nation Like Israel Providing Significant Humanitarian Aid Around The World?

Israel was one of the first countries to send a team of disaster management experts, mental health experts…

How Does Israel Treat Palestinians?

Ride around Israel with an Arab taxi driver, and he will readily tell you he prefers to live under an Israeli…

Before the Rooster Crows

One of my most memorable experiences in Israel happened many years ago right outside the Old City of Jerusalem.

Is Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas A True Peace Partner For Israel?

Mahmoud Abbas became the first prime minister of the Palestinian Authority in 2003…

This Is The Year To Move The US Embassy To Jerusalem

Many conservative Christians voted for Donald Trump in the 2016 presidential election due to his…

Elijah’s Call to Pure Worship

Mount Carmel is at the tip of a beautiful 24-mile-long wooded mountain range nestled in-between the Mediterranean Sea to the West and the Jezreel Valley to the East.

Did The Jews Steal The Palestinians’ Land?

Ride around Israel with an Arab taxi driver, and he will readily tell you he prefers to live under an Israeli…

A Sound Strategy for Moving the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem

The time has come to finally right an historic injustice by granting de jure recognition to Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and moving the American Embassy there.

Why Is Jerusalem So Controversial?

JERUSALEM­—it’s a name which stirs a wide spectrum of emotions and a quagmire of international…

The Road to Damascus

A popular mountain peak frequented by tourists in Israel is Mount Bental in the Golan Heights.

The Truth About Israeli Settlements

While settlements can be a source of conflict, they are not the major obstacle to peace. From 1948-1967…

Will Trump Move The US Embassy To Jerusalem?

The United Nations Educational, Science, and Cultural Committee (UNESCO) recently attempted…

A New Chapter in the Hanukkah Story

The story of Hanukkah is often told with an emphasis on Antiochus IV Epiphanes, This story, however, is about more than an evil ruler.

Your Invitation

I want to share with you something very important for the days in which we live and that I believe will be…

Why is UNESCO Trying to Erase Jerusalem’s Jewish and Christian History?

The integrity and balance of power among the United Nations 190 members has shifted since the establishment of the United Nations in 1945.

What is Life Like for Minority Groups in Israel?

With more than 8 million citizens, Israel is a vibrant tapestry of diversity and multi-cultural co-existence.

Inside American Christian Support for Israel

Christian support for Israel is an oft-reported and sometimes hotly debated phenomenon. Yet, in spite of all of the attention, it is a largely misunderstood movement.

Is it Anti-Arab to be Pro-Israel?

A growing tendency of some Evangelical leaders in America, particularly Millennial leaders, is to back away from support of Israel for fear that it will be perceived as anti-Arab.

Across the Israel Divide

Israel is one of the most complex issues today…a thoughtful Christian perspective must be one based on concern and care for all the peoples involved, and most importantly, on an honest assessment of the facts.

Why Does The United Nations Single Out Israel

The United Nations charter of June 26, 1945, reflected lofty goals to help nations recover after WWII…

Say To The South, “Do Not Keep Them Back!”

Numerous prophecies have been fulfilled over the last century, but one of the most exciting is Isaiah…

Jesus’ Rebuke of Three Cities

The common application of Isaiah 9:2 is a spiritual one in which the “people who walked in darkness” are those who lived prior to Christ and without knowledge of His saving power.

Was Israel’s Founding Illegal?

Israel’s founding had a firm basis in international law – and thousands of years of history…

The Temple Mount

The biblical, historical, and future significance of the Temple Mount makes it the most hotly contested piece of real estate in the entire world.

When Jesus Attended The Feast Of Tabernacles

For centuries Christian churches had little appreciation for the biblical Feast of Tabernacles…

How has Israeli Technology Revolutionized the World

What do text messaging, drip irrigation, and the latest flu vaccine have in common? Like so many other life-changing innovations, they were invented in Israel.

The Lord My Stronghold

A stronghold during the time of the Israelites was a naturally elevated rock formation or mountain that offered protection and a place of safety.

What Does Israel Do for the World?

Israel is a small country making a big difference for others around the world.

The Holy Land

The first glimpse of the Promised Land that the Israelites had from the east side of the Jordan River must have elicited a range of emotions.

Why Hasn’t There Been Peace in the Middle East?

After 67 years of conflict, why is there still no peace in the Middle East?

The Passover Lamb

Passover is known as the Festival of Redemption, because it commemorates the children of Israel’s freedom from slavery in Egypt some 3,500 years ago.

Jesus’ Final Days in Jerusalem

One of the most memorable moments of any tour to Israel is standing on the Mount of Olives and looking across the valley at the Eastern Gate of the Temple Mount.

Anti-Semitism In Christianity Today

Many Christians involved in support of Israel fail to recognize the amazing moment in history that we are…

What Can YOU Do to Support Israel?

For Americans, it can often feel like there is little we can do to support Israel in its struggle for survival. Here are five important ways that you can stand with Israel.

Why Should Christians Support Israel?

Why do hundreds of millions of Christians around the world stand with Israel? There is not one answer. The truth of the matter is that the bond between Christians and Israel is as multifaceted as it is strong.

Going Up to Jerusalem

The city of Jerusalem is the highlight of any pilgrimage to the Holy Land.

The Top Eight Reasons Why Every Christian Should Go To Israel

Millions of Christians have travelled to the land of the Bible over the last four decades and had their faith and biblical knowledge enhanced in transformative ways.

Where is the Best Place to be a Christian in the Middle East?

More than 100,000 Christians have been murdered each year for the past 10 years in the Middle East.

Why Should America Support Israel?

The American-Israeli relationship is one of the strongest friendships between any two nations on Earth. Built on a foundation of shared interests and values, the relationship benefits both nations immensely.

How Do Israel And The United States Work Together?

In a complex and dangerous world, there are few allies more important to the United States than Israel…

Celebrating The Feast Of Tabernacles

For 35 years some 5,000-8,000 Christians have travelled from over 100 nations to celebrate the Feast…

Is Israel A Racist State?

In a speech at the United Nations, former Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad described Israel…

Taking Israel Out of the Bible

New Christians struggling to study their Bible are often taught to read the scriptures as though…

Ten Reasons to Support Israel

When asked why a person supports Israel, most Christians respond with Genesis 12:3, the biblical verse where God tells Abraham that He would bless those who blessed him and would curse those who cursed Him.

What is Israel and Why is it Important?

There is perhaps no place on Earth more controversial and more important than Israel – a tiny state – the size of New Jersey— in the heart of the Middle East.

The Big Lie

The “big lie” is an expression coined by Adolf Hitler to describe his propaganda technique of telling…

This Generation’s Battle

Exodus 17 tells how Amalekites, descendants of Esau’s grandson, attacked the children of Israel…

The Rest Of The Hanukkah Story

The story of Hanukkah takes place during the period in-between the Old and New Testaments, when…

How God Saved The Jewish People

Israel’s Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, placed his reputation and political career on the line to warn…

How God Saved the Jewish People

Israel’s Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, placed his reputation and political career on the line to warn the U.S. Congress of the dangers of a nuclear Iran.

What Jesus Understood About Hanukkah

The fact that Jesus celebrated Hanukkah should make Christians curious enough to investigate the possible importance of the festival to their faith.

It Is Now Sunday In The Middle East

‘When Saturday is gone, one will find Sunday,’ is an old, Christian Arab proverb that expresses their fear…

The Privilege Of Partnering With God

God in His sovereignty has chosen to partner with man in the execution of His will….

Finding Hope In The Faithfulness Of God

There are times in the lives of all believers when they may face doubts and discouragement…

What is the Truth About Israel?

Support for Israel runs deep in this country for a number of reasons. According to recent polls as many as 80 percent of American Christians feel a moral obligation to support Israel.

Justice Can Only Be Based on Truth

A small but growing circle of Christian leaders is seeking to lead evangelicals in America away from support for Israel and are doing so under the banner of “social justice” and “just peacemaking.”

An Open Letter to America’s Christian Zionists

On September 19, 2011 Dr. David P. Gushee and Dr. Glen H. Stassen released An Open Letter to America’s Christian Zionists. This is ICEJ’s response.