Stand with Israelis under rocket fire

Israel in Crisis Fund


Meeting the Needs of Traumatized Israelis

Thanks to the generous donations of Christians around the world, we have been able to assist vulnerable and traumatized communities near Gaza by providing essential safe rooms and other practical tools to cope with the trauma that comes with recurring attacks in the region. This support sends an important message to Israelis that they are not alone. This assistance especially helps strengthen those living on the front lines of battle, increasing their resilience during distressing times.

While a fragile ceasefire is now in place, this does not mean the quiet will last. The situation on the border remains tense and very uncertain.

The ICEJ is currently responding with emergency relief efforts that include:

  1. Providing bomb shelters in public places so that residents can go about their daily lives on the front lines with greater peace of mind. About 30% of Israelis (2.6 million) do not have access to functional bomb shelters near their homes, including over 250,000 civilians who live near the Gaza and Lebanese borders – areas under the highest threat of rocket attack.
  2. Providing protective vests and other gear for volunteer security and first responder teams who are on the front lines 24/7. They remain in full-time emergency mode as Palestinian terror militias in Gaza continue to ignite wildfires in their fields and villages with incendiary balloons.
  3. Supporting trauma relief and assistance projects in the Gaza periphery communities, where resilience centers and trauma counsellors are helping families and children deal with the immense anxiety and the long-term impact of the incessant rocket and terror attacks.
  4. Assisting with social welfare projects which are providing basic aid and relief to desperate and disadvantaged Israeli families in the hardest hit areas of the conflict, including in Sderot, Ashdod, Ashkelon and other cities and towns which recently came under repeated rocket fire.

Thank you for standing with us as we continue to respond to the destructive impact of the recent conflict with Hamas in Gaza. Please continue to support our efforts in relieving the trauma experienced by Israeli families living on the Gaza border.