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ICEJ Hand’s-On Tour – Love for Israel in Action

~ May 2024 Edition ~

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We are praying daily for the release of the hostages and for an outpouring of wisdom for all leaders involved—those in the Israel Defense Forces, Israel’s government, and the nations around the world. It is a spiritual battle rooted in the spirit of Amalek we must fight on our knees. In the article on page 4, “Israel and the Battle of the Ages,” we address this evil spirit and how what happened on October 7 was the darkest manifestation of antisemitism since the Holocaust during World War II. In the article, we unpack where this spirit emerged the first time in the Bible and what it says about how it culminates in the End of Days. Also, in response to the continued protests against Israel, our ICEJ USA Director, Dr. Susan Michael, responds to claims that Zionism is “settler colonialism.” I encourage you to read it.

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