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2023 Year in Review

~ February 2024 Edition ~

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Here at the ICEJ, we are busy loving, blessing, and comforting the people of Israel like never before. They are still reeling from the events of October 7 and dealing with a war on several fronts—Gaza, Lebanon, Syria, the West Bank, Iraq, Yemen, and Iran, as well as the fight against rising antisemitism and the spiritual battle behind it all. See pages 8 to 11 to see how the ICEJ is helping Israel. An ICEJ-sponsored resilience and trauma training course for medical professionals and counselors has proved tremendously helpful. You can read more about it on pages 14 and 15 and how it’s aiding participants with their challenges. I’m confident you’ll be encouraged by our other articles that tell of some amazing ways the people of Israel are taking care of each other—and how the ICEJ is helping.