ICEJ Webinar Series

Heroes & Hostages

In the first hours of the brutal Hamas massacre of Israeli civilians along the Gaza border on October 7, there were many heroes who confronted the terrorists and defended their families, homes, and communities against much larger odds. Tragically, there were also many hostages taken by Hamas and other jihadists back into Gaza. On this week’s webinar, we will hear from former MK Shay Hermesh, a survivor of the assault on Kfar Aza, about the heroism of those who helped rescue him from the village to safety. We also will speak to Calev Myers, an Israeli attorney appointed by Israeli authorities to help lead the Christian efforts to free the Israeli hostages held in Gaza.

I welcome you to join us for other informative webinars featuring global leaders speaking on topics specifically geared for Israel-minded Christians join us each Thursday. 

Recent topics have included:

  • The Israeli Expert Who Predicted this War
  • What’s New at the Feast?
  • Are Israel-Christian Relations in Crisis?
  • Feast Update Part 2
  • Feast Update Part 1
  • The Apostles’ Teaching on Giving to Israel
  • Middle East Status Update: Energy, Politics, Security
  • Celebrating Israel at 75
  • Terror and Rockets at Passover
  • The Iran-Saudi deal and it’s Impact on Israel
  • Israel’s Divide Over Judicial Reforms, Part Two
  • Israel’s Divide Over Judicial Reforms, Part One
  • Lessons From Purim
  • One Year of Urgent Ukrainian Aliyah
  • Israel to the Rescue: The Relief Mission to Turkey
  • How Can We Fight Antisemitism Together?
  • Best of Envision Speakers 2023
  • Does Israel Need Judicial Reforms?
  • Security Challenges of the New Israeli Government

These webinars take place on Zoom:

We hope you can join us.

For Zion’s sake,

Susan Michael
USA Director