ICEJ Webinar Series

Fighting Modern Antisemitism

Join the ICEJ’s Dr. Jürgen Bühler as he discusses the weighty task of combatting modern antisemitism with Dr. Laurence Weinbaum, Director of the Israel Council on Foreign Relations.

It has been 125 years since the foundation stone of the restored Jewish State was laid at the First Zionist Congress. A mere 33 years after this historic 1897 event the Nazis rose to power and until today, antisemitism in its many forms, have plagued the Jewish people worldwide.

Enjoy this informative webinar to find out what is being done about it.

Recorded: Thursday, August 25, 2022

I welcome you to join us for other informative webinars featuring global leaders speaking on topics specifically geared for Israel-minded Christians join us each Thursday. 

Recent topics have included:

  • Why We Help Israeli-Arabs
  • Will the Gaza Cease-Fire Hold?
  • Lessons from the Olive Tree of Romans Chapter 11
  • Are the Saudis Close to Peace with Israel?
  • The Biden Visit
  • The Blessing of Abraham
  • Is Israel Winning It’s Shadow War with Iran
  • Paul the Jewish Apostle
  • The Church and the Kingdom of God- Pentecost/Shavuot – Part 2
  • The Birth of the Church – Pentecost/Shavuot – Part 1
  • Jerusalem Day
  • Turf War Over the Temple Mount
  • The Global Reach of Christian Zionism
  • Israel’s Rebirth as a Nation – The Global Impact: A Yom Ha’Atzmaut Special
  • The Power of Resurrection
  • The Passover Connection: Pesach and Passion Week
  • The Importance of the Negev Summit
  • First Hand Accounts of Rescuing Holocaust Survivors from Ukraine
  • Impact of the Ukraine Conflict on Israel
  • Ukraine and the Message of Purim

These webinars take place on Zoom:

We hope you can join us.



For Zion’s sake,

Susan Michael
USA Director