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A Christian Celebration of Sukkot

The Journey

Feast 2024 will begin with two exciting days in the dead sea region at Kfar HaNokdim, including glorious worship services each evening under the stars. Then we move up to Jerusalem for five days of Feast events, starting with the traditional Parade of Nations in the Pais Arena.

There will be more evening worship, morning seminars, special prayer gatherings, Communion at the Garden Tomb, and the ever-popular Jerusalem March, plus plenty of time for touring biblical sites

The Feast will conclude with a special solidarity rally in the Negev with the resilient Israeli communities along the Gaza border.

Your Personal Invitation


We warmly invite you to come up to Jerusalem for this year’s Feast of Tabernacles. We hope that you will learn more of Israel, her people and her history, and receive further enlightenment concerning the central role she plays in the destiny of this world. Above all, we trust that the keeping of the Feast and your response to the biblical injunction will be a source of blessing to yourself, your family and your nation.

Whether you plan to travel to Israel on your own or with a group, we’re more than happy to help you in any way we can.

There is no better time to travel to Israel than during the Feast of Tabernacles as you can take in all the usual touring experiences, as well as a week-long conference with seven nights of glorious worship.