Join Us In-Person or Online for the Feast of Tabernacles

A Christian Celebration of Sukkot

October 16-23, 2024

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The Journey

This years’ Feast will be a time to Remember and Rebuild!

We will remember those Israelis who fell or were taken hostage as we concluded last year’s Feast, and we will take special steps to honor the victims of the October 7th massacre. With your participation, you will be able to bear witness to the tragic events of that day, which many are already denying ever happened.

Join us at this uniquely important Sukkot to show your love and stand in solidarity with Israel and the Jewish people this fall!

The Feast of Tabernacles 2024 will begin with a solidarity event in the Negev desert and also a special opening night in the desert, including glorious worship beneath the heavenly expanse of stars that traverse the desert skies at night.

Then we ascend to Jerusalem for seven days of Feast events, including the traditional Roll Call of the Nations in the Binyanei Ha’uma (The International Convention Center). There will be more evening worship, morning seminars, Communion at the Garden Tomb, the ever-popular Jerusalem March, plus plenty of time for touring biblical sites.

The Feast will conclude with the Healing Service and the Prayer for the Nations Vigil at the Pavilion.

2024 Feast Speakers
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2024 Feast Worship
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Why celebrate Sukkot.
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Your Personal Invitation

With great joy and anticipation, the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem looks forward to warmly welcoming you to this year’s Feast of Tabernacles. It is is going to be an amazing, life-changing event! We are trusting the Lord to refresh and transform many lives during this special appointed time.

This year’s Feast gathering will be held from October 16-23, 2024 under the theme “By My Spirit.” Make sure to join us for this wonderful time of worship, proclamation of the Word, and prayer as we join with believers from around the world to keep the biblical festival of Sukkot.  (Zechariah 14:16)

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