Based on the success our monthly Global Prayer Gatherings and the global demand for more prayer we’ve begun a second monthly meeting based on the Jewish tradition of welcoming the new month (Rosh Chodesh) in prayer.

This festival of Rosh Chodesh was given to the Jewish people at Mt Sinai. Special sacrifices were to be offered on to mark the beginning of the new month (Numbers 28: 11-15). It also became a time when the Israelites would consult the Hebrew prophets (2 Kings 4:23). In addition, this joyous day featured the blast of a trumpet blown on the pinnacle of the Temple in Jerusalem to announce the arrival of the new month.

In a similar manner, ICEJ will be ‘blowing the trumpet’ from Jerusalem to call for a special day of prayer and seeking the Lord at the start of each new month.

Upcoming Rosh Chodesh Calls

**September’s Rosh Chodesh Call coincides with the Jewish Holiday of Rosh HaShanah and will span six days/150 hours. You are welcome to join at any time and specifically during the USA time slot noted below.**

Wednesday, September 8th
USA Time Slots:
3:00 – 4:00pm EST – USA Inter-Generational Prayer Watch
4:00 – 5:00pm EST – USA Prayer Watch


Join the Rosh Chodesh Prayer Call

September’s Prayer Schedule

** Times listed are Israel Daylight time  – Not US**
To convert to USA times minus 7 hours for ET, minus 8 hours for CT, minus 9 hours for MT and minus 10 hours for PT.

ICEJ_Rosh Chodesh_4
ICEJ_Rosh Chodesh_5
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