Ambassadors for Our King

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You’re Invited to Journey into the World of the Bible

Learn the story that connects the beginning of the Bible to the end and see how true and accurate God’s Word is.

Join Susan Michael on a journey that will deepen your faith and walk with the Lord like none other. Encounter the 3D Bible is more than a Bible study; it’s a study about the Bible that will make every sermon and Bible study make more sense and bring the Bible to life. If you want your Bible to go from 2D to 3D, this book is for you. But be ready—it might just change your life!

Who We Are

  • We are a publishing house operating under the umbrella of the USA Branch of the International Christian Embassy of Jerusalem.
  • About the ICEJ: For the past four decades, the Christian Embassy in Jerusalem and worldwide have worked diligently to serve as a conduit of comfort and blessing through which believers in the nations could show their love and support to Israel. The ICEJ strives to be a prophetic voice to this generation concerning God’s unwavering plan to fulfill His covenant promises to the fathers of Israel—namely, that He would ultimately restore the children of Israel to their rightful land and sequentially to a right relationship with their God, the God of Israel.


  • We help authors publish books focused on biblical studies written from a perspective that honors the irrevocable calling of the Jewish people to be the vehicle through whom He would bless the world (Romans 11:29)—as well as books about modern Israel, related issues of antisemitism, Jewish-Christian relations, and Christian support for Israel.
  • Mission: Embassy Publishers seeks to educate and equip the church by publishing a range of resources focused on biblical and theological studies, ministry, and Israel-related topics.