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Join Susan Michael for the 3D Bible Series and take a journey to the world of the Bible—where it comes alive and can change your life. We live in an increasingly secular society that questions everything about the Christian faith. Learn how to find the answers you are looking for about the authenticity of the Bible, the amazing story it tells, and what it means for you.

Why Study the Bible (3D Bible Part 1)

Learn how and why the Bible will change your life. It is not only a source of life principals, or spiritual insights, but is anointed and inspired by the Holy Spirit. Time spent in the Bible is time fellowshipping with Him and making our own spirit stronger. Susan shares how her Bible came alive on a study program in Israel and how it has impacted and changed her own life.

How to Read the Bible (3D Bible Part 2)

Learn the different levels of Bible study and how to move from the personal application level to the 3D level where the Bible comes so alive it is life-changing. Learn about recommended tips and tools to help you in your study of God’s Word.

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The Story of the Bible (3D Bible Part 3)

Hear the story of the Bible and understand how it did not end with Jesus, or the book of Revelation, but is still going on today. Understanding this amazing story as one narrative will help your Bible come alive.

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How Christians Should Read the Old Testament (3D Bible Part 4)

Many people have questions about the Old Testament, and this episode, will answer several of them. The key to how Christians should approach the Old Testament is to view it through the eyes of Jesus and Paul. It was their Bible and it was respected as authoritative. For us today, reading the Old Testament is a cross-cultural experience. That challenge makes it all the more interesting.

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The Land of the Bible (3D Bible Part 5)

The land of Canaan was chosen by God to be the place from which He would carry out His great plan of redemption. In this episode learn the spiritual significance of the land then and now.

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The People of the Bible (3D Bible Part 6)

The calling on Israel and the calling on the Christian church are referenced in Acts 1:6–8. Learn the difference in how God is using the Jewish people and how He is using the church today.

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The God of the Bible (3D Bible Part 7)

God is so much bigger than our limited experiences and our human reasoning. It is time to let God out of your “God Box!” Get to know Him for who He really is!

The Search Begins! (3D Bible Part 8)

The quest for your Bible to come alive is found in understanding God’s eternal plan that is the story behind the stories. That story reveals God is a family man and desires fellowship with His children. This is your invitation to seek Him and He has promised you will find Him. Start in the pages of your 3D Bible!

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Timeline of the Biblical Story

How Christians Should Read the Old Testament, 3D Bible Series Part 4, Episode 4

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We all have questions, and it seems that with everything going on in the world these days we have more questions than ever. Here at Israel Answers we want to help you find answers. Join us here each week as we connect Israel, the Bible and you! Once you understand what God is doing you will understand what you need to do! Bring your questions and together we will find the answers on Israel Answers.



One of Susan’s favorite memories of living in Israel was experiencing the peace and rest of a Shabbat. Many of us are lacking peace these days, so every Friday Susan will share a short devotional to bring inspiration and peace to the close of your busy week.

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Join Susan Michael for this series of Going Deeper interviews with leading experts in their field. Susan and leading experts from around the world will discuss topics relevant for today. From archaeological evidence for biblical events to the modern Jewish perspective of their meaning, join Susan for these lively, informative discussions.



Join Susan Michael on a walk through the Bible. Read through the Bible in a year using the acclaimed Daily Bible accompanied by Susan’s weekly Out of Zion podcast commentary. Each weekly episode will review what we read that week along with interesting artifacts or background that make the text come alive. If you ever wanted to read through the Bible in one year, this is your opportunity.



Join Susan Michael for the 3D Jesus Series and take a journey to the first century world of Jesus where His life and ministry come alive. God was at work for thousands of years setting the stage for the birth, ministry, and death of Jesus. Hear the story, visualize the events, and understand the purpose of Jesus’ mission and why He must return.


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