ICEJ Webinar Series

The Christmas Story and Israel Today

How does the Christmas story relate to modern-day Israel and even to the war being fought there today? Join the ICEJ’s David Parsons for this insightful teaching on the “The Christmas Story & Israel Today” to find out. Get your Bibles ready. This is a true study of Scripture and a rarely seen glimpse into the Holy Land.

Recorded: December 21, 2023

I welcome you to join us for other informative webinars featuring global leaders speaking on topics specifically geared for Israel-minded Christians join us each Thursday. 

Recent topics have included:

  • Israel’s War of Re-Independence
  • UNRWA: Facilitator of Hamas
  • The Future of Gaza
  • The Media Battle Over Israel
  • Israel’s Multi-Front War
  • The Secret of Israel’s Resilience
  • October 7th & the Yom Kippur War
  • The Charge of War Crimes in Gaza
  • IDF Progress in Gaza
  • Israel’s Case for Dismantling Hamas
  • How More Christians Can Stand with Israel
  • Heroes and Hostages
  • The Israeli Expert Who Predicted this War

These webinars take place on Zoom:

We hope you can join us.

For Zion’s sake,

Susan Michael
USA Director