Why You Need To Go To Israel This Year

Why You Should Go to Israel This Year!

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Every year is the right year for a trip to Israel, whether it is your first trip or 100th! Many Christian tourists would love to return year after year! If you have never been on a tour to Israel, then this really is the time you must go. The experience is life-changing, and it is a shame to delay it further. Now is the time to plan your pilgrimage to the land of the Bible!

See a Modern Miracle!

The story of the modern-day return of the Jewish people to their ancient homeland—the land of Canaan promised to Abraham 4,000 years ago—finds no parallel in human history. Born out of the ashes of the Holocaust and the dust of the desert, the Jewish State—in just over 70 years—is thriving and leading the world in innovation, technology, science, medicine, security, agriculture, and water conservation. This little country of some 8 million people has survived war, terror, and anti-Semitism for decades while blessing the world in the process. What a miracle!

Surrounded by Prophecy Fulfilled

While traveling in Israel, one is surrounded by fulfilled prophecy and the faithfulness of God to His Word. We see that the Jewish people have been gathered from the North, South, East, and West, from every nation to which they had been dispersed. Their waste places have been rebuilt and gentiles are assisting them. And the desert is blooming—just as the Bible foretold. God is fulfilling His promises made to the Jewish people. He is a faithful God and His Word is true!

Your Bible Will Come Alive

New Christians struggling to study their Bible are often taught to read passages in Scripture as if it were written personally to them, even reciting Scripture using one’s own name in place of the verse’s subject. While it is important to apply Scripture to one’s own life, it is equally important to pay attention to the original context and recipient of the promises in those verses. The Bible is in fact a Jewish book, written by, about, and largely for, Jews. Reading the Bible in the very places where the stories took place, surrounded by the Hebraic culture and faith of the people, makes the Bible come alive.

Encounter God in a New Way

God is not limited to any one location and, therefore, we can pray and experience His presence in our lives anywhere in the world. But there is something to be said for taking a spiritual pilgrimage to the Land He called His own, and the city He chose to place His name—Jerusalem. A trip to Israel is the perfect getaway to seek the Lord. Walking where Jesus walked, hearing His words anew, and seeing the illustrations that He used from everyday life will help you grasp His teachings on a whole new level.

Experience Jerusalem

God did not just choose Jerusalem as the capital of David’s kingdom or the place where Solomon would build the temple, but where His presence would dwell and the people of Israel could entreat Him. Walking through the streets of this ancient city, one can sense the 3,000 years of history that took place there and the spiritual tension over the city’s future. Only in the unique and awe-filled city of Jerusalem can one see archaeological remains going all the way back to the time of King David and sit on the Mount of Olives—the place to which Jesus will return (Zech. 14:4).

Your Life Will Be Changed . . . Forever!

Your trip to Israel will ignite your faith like no other trip can. As you are surrounded by fulfilled prophecy and see the modern miracle of Israel, you will be struck by the accuracy of the Bible and the magnificent God we serve who is faithful to His people. You will be greatly encouraged in your personal walk with the Lord and in His calling and purpose for your life. Please do not delay any further. This is the year for you to go to Israel, so book your tour today!

—by Dr. Susan Michael, ICEJ USA Director