Raw Honesty of the Bible (Week 2)

The Bible is often portrayed by antagonists or secularists as mythology. But when I read the stories in the Bible, I find such gut-wrenching honesty that I am confident it is true.

For example, who would make up a story that your ancestors were slaves in Egypt? If I were going to make up a story about my ancestors, I would make them kings and princes—not slaves!

Or if I were going to describe the lives of the patriarchs and founders of my faith, I would probably leave out stories like when Abram lies to Pharaoh that Sarai is his sister and she is taken into the royal harem. Abraham, whose faith was accounted unto him as righteousness, did not trust God to protect his life and sent Sarai into the Pharaoh’s harem?

The story of Jacob and Esau is so honest that Jacob’s reputation has suffered centuries of sermons describing him as a supplanter and a deceiver. The father of the 12 tribes of Israel deceived his father in order to receive the blessing of the firstborn. Who would make something like that up?

It is actually the honesty of these stories that serves to encourage all of us. God knows our weaknesses, and He is not caught by surprise when we make a mistake. He was so much greater than the mistakes of Abraham or Jacob, and He is certainly greater than mine.

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About this episode:

The story of Abraham continues this week with the birth of Isaac and then the birth of Isaac’s twins: Esau and Jacob. We will discuss the raw honesty of the biblical accounts. We will also warn against faulty interpretations of the Genesis accounts that have led to centuries of injustice and error. This episode complements the daily readings from our Walk Thru the Bible reading plan for February 8-14, covering Genesis chapters 20-33.


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