The Watershed Moment that Changed the World (Week 1)

The biblical narrative is one that goes back thousands of years and is full of fascinating stories. In fact, it is so full of characters and epic tales that the overarching story-behind-the-stories can easily be lost.

It is important to understand the story of the Bible because that story is still going on today. It did not end with the death of Jesus or Paul or with the writing of Revelation. The story is still being written and does not end until Jesus returns.

What, then, is the story of the Bible? It is the story of God’s plan to redeem mankind and create a family to spend eternity in fellowship with Him. You might be thinking that plan began with the New Testament and the coming of Jesus. But it began long before Jesus was born.

The watershed moment of all history was when God spoke to a man named Abram and announced His plan to redeem mankind. If Abram followed Him, God would give him a national homeland and, through Abram, create a great nation through which God would bring about this great plan. He described it as a blessing to all the families of the earth. The apostle Paul said that verse was the first time the gospel of Christ was preached.

God had a plan, and He needed a people to work through to bring about that plan. Abram said yes, and it is from this point that the biblical story takes off.

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About this episode:

In Genesis 1-11 we read about creation and the fall of man into sin. Then everything changes in Genesis 12 with the story of Abraham. The rest of the biblical story takes off from there. Exciting archaeological finds substantiate these stories. This episode complements the daily readings from our Walk Thru the Bible reading plan for February 1-7, covering Genesis chapters 1-19.


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