Joseph’s Prophetic Role (Week 3)

We all have bad days here and there. But every once in a while, tragedy may strike. It may be in a loss of income, a broken relationship, or the death of a loved one. It can be so bad it causes us to question whether God is with us or not. Is the Christian life really what I had expected it to be?

I always turn to God’s Word at times like those, and there I find such encouragement. I am truly not alone, and I realize all of God’s saints had troubles and questions similar to mine.

A perfect example of hardship can be found in the life of Abraham. God told Abraham that if he followed Him to a particular land, he would birth a great nation. So he packed up and followed the Lord to a place called Bethel, and there God told Him this was the land his descendants would inherit—the land of Canaan.

The first problem Abraham encountered was a famine in the land God had promised to him. Famine? Really? It was so bad Abraham had to leave the promised land and go to Egypt for food. God had not called Abraham to an easy land or life but to a land in which Abraham would have to depend upon God.

His grandson, Jacob, would also face a severe famine, and he, too, would have to go to Egypt for food. God was not caught by surprise by the famine. In fact, he had seen it coming some 20 years earlier and placed Joseph in a position of authority in Egypt to save Jacob and his family lineage, and thereby God’s plans and purposes for them.

Life in the land can be seen as a foreshadowing of our life in Christ. Many wonderful things are promised to us in that land. But we often encounter difficulties.

Don’t be dismayed. Know that God has provided all you need, and He will complete and perfect that which He began in you.

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About this episode:

Continue the story of Israel and his son Joseph in Egypt. Hear the stories in their cultural context and explore the amazing parallels between the story of Joseph and that of Jesus. Lastly, hear about phenomenal archaeological finds in Egypt that might be proof of the Bible story. This episode complements the daily readings from our Walk Thru the Bible reading plan for February 15-21, covering Genesis chapters 34 – 50.


Going Deeper in Week 3: Evidence of Joseph in Egypt

Susan interviews Tim Mahoney, film producer of Patterns of Evidence: The Exodus. Find out about the exciting archaeological finds in Egypt that could corroborate the biblical account if only dating discrepancies could be solved.



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