God Proposes Marriage (Week 5)

After the amazing Exodus from Egypt—where the Israelites were freed after generations of slavery in Egypt, and they witnessed their oppressors drowned in the very sea they had crossed through on dry ground—God had their attention. So He began to teach His people who He was.

He revealed Himself as their provider as He miraculously provided them with water, then daily bread, and meat. He also revealed Himself as their healer—He would take care of all their needs.

He then called Moses up the mountain, where He proposed a covenantal relationship with His people. He said that if they would keep His covenant, then out of all nations, they would be His treasured possession. The people of Israel accepted, so God gave instructions on building a tabernacle where He could dwell in their midst.

God wanted fellowship with His people. But they had to approach Him with purity because of His holiness and righteousness and enter His presence in worship and reverence.

He still wants fellowship with His people. After He has freed you from sin and saved you, He wants to woo you into a covenantal relationship. If you will follow Him and obey Him, you can be part of His treasured people out of all nations. All you have to do is say “I do!” and then enter His presence in praise.

About this episode:

God miraculously saves His people from bondage in Egypt and immediately proposes covenantal relationship to them. They accept, and He instructs them how to build a tabernacle so He can dwell with them. Our God desires fellowship with His people. This episode complements the daily readings from our Walk Thru the Bible reading plan for March 1-7, covering Exodus 25-40; Leviticus 8-10; Numbers 3,7,8.