Transforming Lives One Page at a Time

I was blown away when a listener recently wrote to say my Walk Thru the Bible podcast series had changed their life. Another wrote that the weekly teachings infuse them with strength and encouragement. Another listener said they have read the Bible cover to cover many times but are learning new nuggets every week making it come alive.

So what makes this year-long Walk Thru the Bible series so different from others? Through my weekly podcast I make sure you understand the one big story behind all the other stories, are reading the biblical story in its original context, and getting to know God on a whole new level.

When I first accepted the Lord, I read the Bible, as do many Christians, as a spiritual guidebook through which God would speak to me and give direction for my day and life. I loved the Bible so much that I decided to study it in university, and there I learned to also read the Bible as a theology book, learning its key doctrines.

But nothing prepared me for what happened when I went to Israel for a summer study program. The Bible literally came alive! As I studied the Bible in its original context, surrounded by prophecy fulfilled, my faith was ignited, and my life was forever changed. That was over 40 years ago—and I have learned so much since then that I want to share with you.

I invite you to join me and other excited listeners on our year-long Walk Thru the Bible as we begin our second quarter. It is okay that you have not been reading with us from Genesis. Just download our second-quarter reading guide and get started!

In this week’s podcast, I review our first quarter and then begin the climactic story of King David. Everything we have read thus far has prepared the way for this amazing story. I don’t want you to miss it because God makes astounding promises to David that are driving events in Israel today.

Download your reading guide here, and we will send you a “How to get started” video. Each week, join me on the Out of Zion podcast, and I will review what we are reading that week. I hope you can join us and experience your faith strengthened as your Bible comes alive.

About this episode: 

Susan wraps up the first quarter of Walk Thru the Bible by giving a quick summary of the biblical readings from the first three months and then sharing some comments and answering a few questions. Be sure to download your Second Quarter Reading Guide today.


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