Jesus’ Last Week in Jerusalem (Part 6)

When reading the story of Jesus’ last week in Jerusalem, there is a curious story found in Mark where he sends His disciples on ahead to prepare for their Passover meal. He specifically instructs them to go into the city of Jerusalem, where they will see a man with a water pitcher whom they should follow, and they are to ask to speak to the master of the place the man enters.

The disciples do as Jesus said, and sure enough, they see a man coming toward them with a water pitcher. But why would a man be doing a woman’s job? Women were tasked with fetching water for the house. This man must have been of the Jewish sect that upheld celibacy.

And that one fact unlocks the entire story of the timing of Jesus’ Passover meal. Some gospel writers say it was held on Passover, and John says it was held the day before the Passover. Then we are told that during Jesus’ trial, the chief priests could not enter the Roman praetorium because it would make them unclean for that night’s Passover. Have you ever tried to figure out these seemingly contradictory timelines?

Join me for this episode of the Out of Zion podcast, and I will offer up a very simple explanation. I will also tell you the story of Jesus’ last week in Jerusalem in such a way that you will see the sites and hear the very sounds that He heard. The story will make so much more sense.

About this episode:

Hear the story of Jesus’ last week leading up to His crucifixion like you have never heard it before. You will feel like you are there as Susan describes the sites and sounds in and around Jerusalem at the time.


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