The Story of the Bible (Part 3)

Many Christians struggle to read and comprehend the Bible. This is understandable, as the Bible is made up of 66 books, written by 40 different people, and covers a span of over 2,500 years. It is made up of historical narratives, poetry, allegory, laws, prayers, songs, and prophecy. And it is about a culture and society that is foreign to our twenty-first century lives.

Many a well-meaning Christian has begun to read through the Bible and given up when they got to the third book of Leviticus, with all of the civil, moral, and sacramental commandments. Some may skip over that section and pick up the story again but find themselves bogged down in the many tales of judges and kings and battles and lose sight of what it all means.

I have found that understanding the overall story behind the stories helps the reader immensely, but few can articulate what that story is. Perhaps you have heard it said that the Bible is the “story of God’s love for the world.” And while that may be what the meaning of the story is, it is not the actual story.

The story that begins in Genesis is still going on today. It began in eternity and will end in eternity. I invite you to learn more by joining me on this podcast episode entitled “The Story of the Bible.” Learn the amazing story that is behind all of the stories and you will agree with me what an exciting book the Bible is!

About this episode:

Hear the story of the Bible and understand how it did not end with Jesus, or the book of Revelation, but is still going on today. Understanding this amazing story as one narrative will help your Bible come alive.


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