What is Israel and Why is it Important?

What is Israel and Why is it Important?

There is no nation who contributes more meaningfully

There is perhaps no place on Earth more controversial and more important than Israel – a tiny state – the size of New Jersey— in the heart of the Middle East. But for all the controversy, what is Israel? And why is it so important?

Israel is a Living, Breathing Testament of God’s Faithfulness

The Jewish people’s sacred relationship to the land of Israel has remained unbroken since God bequeathed it to them in his covenant with Abraham. Despite many expulsions and millennia of persecution, Jews have maintained a continuous presence in the land and Jerusalem, their eternal capital, ever since. The Nation of Israel’s rebirth in 1947 is a manifestation of this powerful bond between God and the Jewish people.

Israel is a Champion of Christian Values

In a region torn by violence, tyranny, and oppression, Israel stands out as the only democracy and a beacon of human rights, with a free press and vibrant civil society. Jews and Arabs; Christians and Muslims; and men and women enjoy equal rights of citizenship and the freedom to worship as they please, all contributing to the rich tapestry of Israeli culture.

Israel Makes Our World a Better Place

In just 67 years, Israel has contributed far more to mankind than any other country of its size. Israelis developed the technology that powers your cell phone and computer, life-changing treatments for cancer, and agricultural innovations that revolutionized the way we irrigate crops.

Israel Makes Us Safer

In the post-9/11 world, the forces of radical terrorism threaten our very way of life. There is no nation who contributes more meaningfully to fighting against this evil than the United States’ closest ally in the world: Israel.

More than ever before, it is important that Christians are educated about Israel, America’s greatest ally in the Middle East and a living, breathing testament to God’s Covenant in our world.

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—by Dr. Susan Michael, ICEJ USA Director

For more than forty years, Susan Michael has pioneered the development of the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem in the United States and around the world. She currently serves as the ministry’s USA Director and is a member of the ICEJ’s international Board of Directors.