Are You Ready? (Week 10)

After wandering in the wilderness for some 40 years, the Israelites were undoubtedly ready to move on and enter the promised land. Their time had been hard, but they had learned some important lessons along the way.

When Joshua sent spies into Jericho, therefore, they knew not to make the mistake of giving a negative report, like the previous 10 spies who had paid with their lives. This new generation of spies came back to Joshua with a faith-filled report that God was giving them the Land and they were ready to go in and possess it.

When it was time to start moving, Joshua instructed the Levites to take up the Ark of the Covenant and go on ahead of the people. God was leading the way—not through a pillar of fire or a cloud but the Ark of the Covenant, which now housed His presence.

When they arrived at the Jordan River, it was flooded, and the muddy waters were deep. But the priests were told to step into the water with the Ark. God was going into the waters first!

Are you standing at the edge of your own flooded and scary Jordan River? Is there a difficulty or obstacle keeping you from entering the promised land and experiencing the promises of God for your life?

The lesson here is to step into the waters because God has already gone in ahead of you. He is preparing the way before you, but you must step out in faith. Are you ready?

To learn how God prepared the Israelites to step out in faith, join me for this Out of Zion podcast episode, “Are You Ready?” Walk Thru the Bible with me each week by downloading our Bible reading plan, and get started reading right away! Invite your friends and family to join us! I can’t wait to Walk Thru the Bible with you!

About this episode:

This week Susan discusses Moses’ renewal of the covenant with a new generation of Israelites after 40 years in the wilderness. Joshua then takes over leadership and it is finally time to enter the Promised Land! Are you ready to step into the waters with God and see Him deliver all He has promised? This episode complements the daily readings from our Walk Thru the Bible reading plan for April 5-11, covering Deuteronomy 26-34, Joshua 1-8.


Going Deeper in Week 10: Crossing the Jordan

Susan interviews Dr. Chris McKinny about the layers of meaning behind the 40 year wilderness wanderings and the crossing of the Jordan river. They also discuss prophetic insight into future events that take place at that very location of the crossing of the Jordan.



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