ICEJ Releases Song of Prayer to Free Israeli Hostages

The ICEJ has released a new song entitled Afikim Ba Negev (Streams in the Negev), which is drawn from Psalm 126 and offers an inspiring prayer to free the remaining Israeli hostages still held in Gaza.

This new music video is a special contribution to the growing humanitarian cry to free the Israeli hostages.

Psalm 126 is a song of longing for the Jewish captives in Babylon to return home to the Land of Israel, comparing it to the return of “streams in the Negev” in the rainy season. When this happened, the Psalmist states: “We were like those that dream. Then our mouth was filled with laughter, and our tongue with singing.”

The song was composed and performed by ICEJ Music Director Vesna Buehler, a recording artist living in Israel for the past 30 years who also has two sons currently serving in the IDF.

Israeli musical producers Shay Reuveni and Eli Keshet were involved in the song’s arrangements.

“As a mother myself, I was deeply moved by meeting with families of the hostages and seeing their anguish and tears, and yet their unbelievable faith and strength,” said Vesna Bühler. “I wanted to express their longing for their loved ones in song, and no one captured that yearning better than Israel’s greatest psalmist. The original Hebrew in Psalm 126 is especially emotive, and I wanted to bring these ancient words to life in a melody for all Israel.”

With the fate of over 130 Israelis held hostage in Gaza still uncertain, millions of people worldwide are joining Israelis in calling and praying for their safe return. Many took part in a mass “Shema Israel” prayer gathering broadcast live from the Western Wall plaza in late March with members of the hostages’ families.