14 Week Semester of 42 Lectures


The ICEJ is developing semester-long online courses for colleges and Christian schools. The materials can be used as a complete course or as supplemental material for an existing one. There is no upfront charge for the curricula but an agreed fee per paying student taking the course will be charged.



14 week semester of 42 lectures

This course provides an overview of the history of the Jewish people from Abraham through the modern State of Israel. Students become familiar with the key events in Israel’s story, including the biblical calling of the Jewish people and how that has played out in history. Course participants also gain an understanding of the history of Judaism, antisemitism, Jewish-Christian relations, and the modern Zionist movement. The course ends with the unique challenges and achievements of modern Israel and the Jewish people.

The course was designed for a 14-week semester but could easily be divided into two shorter semesters. Six different instructors—experts in their field—provide lectures which are all prerecorded. Each of 42 lectures are roughly 30 minutes in length. Quizzes and discussion group questions are also available along with reading assignments. The textbook is Our Father Abraham: The Jewish Roots of the Christian Faith by Dr. Marvin Wilson. The class assignment is to visit a synagogue and write a report.

The uniqueness of this course is its cross-disciplinary appeal as an elective course for students in biblical studies, history, government, political science, international affairs and etc. As a result everyone gains a well-rounded perspective on Israel and not just a biblical one or a political one. This makes the course very unique as well as impactful.

The course has already been taught for credit at a Bible College and the student evaluations confirmed the class was life-changing for many, and made them interested in travel to Israel to learn more.


Upcoming courses being developed will cover subjects critical for a correct comprehension of the Jewish context of the Christian faith, a biblical worldview, an understanding of unconditional covenant versus replacement theology, and Paul’s view of Torah, Jewish-Gentile relations, and the plan of God for the church.

Classes being developed by Dr. Randall Smith, founder of the Great Commission Bible Institute and the Christian Travel Study Program:


Jesus, the Hebrew Messiah (to be completed in summer 2023)

This course demonstrates how the Gospels carefully affirmed Jesus as the fulfillment of a set of Messianic promises made long before by Hebrew Prophets and how the promises and fulfillments were verbally affirmed by Jesus in His recorded teachings in the Gospel accounts.


Paul’s Hebrew Theology (to be completed by year-end 2023)

This course traces the physical, historical, and cultural context of Paul’s life and writings to demonstrate how Paul understood key legal, moral and ethical issues.


Physical Settings of the Bible – the Jerusalem Seminary (to be completed May 2024)

A Historical and Physical Settings Class will be developed to also include a 2-3 week study trip to Israel. This course will be in partnership with the Jerusalem Seminary and/or Hebrew University in Jerusalem.


Church History: The Church, Jews and Anti-Judaism

A history course to discuss the influences of Judaism and antisemitism on the early church and how it developed over the centuries.  To be developed by Dr. Tricia Miller, ICEJ USA Educational Coordinator, and author of “Three Versions of Esther” and “Jews and Anti-Judaism in Esther and the Church.” To be completed by year-end 2022

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