ICEJ Aid to Israel Assisting Kibbutz-Nir-

Bringing Aid to Israel – Assisting Kibbutz Nir Am

While the world is turning its back on Israel, the ICEJ is bringing aid to Israel and assisting devastated Kibbutzim like Nir Am.

The Hamas atrocities of October 7 left a profound impact on the border communities along the Gaza Strip, where hundreds were killed or kidnapped, and thousands are evacuated from their homes event to this day. The residents of Kibbutz Nir Am find themselves in the midst of this upheaval.

“It warms our hearts that you came here to hear our story,” said Chen Reich, a member of the security team at Nir Am, as he welcomed the Christian visitors. With a rifle at his side, Chen recounted his gripping and miraculous tale of survival amidst the chaos of October 7.

When the first alarms sounded, he explained, the team immediately got their weapons and took their defensive positions even though they were not initially told they needed to do so. With only enough guns to arm eleven men to safeguard 450 people, this small team rebuffed periodic waves of terrorists throughout the day as they attempted to come over the security fence.

“People were terrified that it might be their last day,” Chen confessed.

Yet what stood out was their unwavering courage in the face of adversity. Refusing to yield to fear, even as help from the outside failed to come as quickly as they hoped, they bravely fought to protect their loved ones. The stories of heroism are countless, as individuals sacrificed their own safety to shield others.

“Our lives are split,” Chen said of his current reality. “My family still resides in a hotel in Tel Aviv. My kids going to therapy, but I believe in them. They are strong kids.”

ICEJ Aid to Israel - Walkie Talkies Donated by ICEJ to Kibbutz Nir Am

“Presently, we are trying to rebuild the community,” he continued. “However, people will only return if safety is assured, meaning we must be better equipped to defend ourselves if, God forbid, this should happen again.”

Bringing Aid to Israel

This is where the ICEJ stepped in. Although the ICEJ has generously donated some 150 bomb shelters to the Gaza border communities over the past 15 years, including several at Kibbutz Nir Am, the Christian Embassy’s most recent contribution was special radio communication devices which proved to be a vital tool in saving lives and ensuring that emergency response teams could communicate and respond effectively amid the crisis of October 7.

“The entire area did not have cellular reception, and we had to use WhatsApp until our phones died,” recounted Chen. “Now, having good equipment will help us to be better prepared.”

This serves as a poignant reminder that even seemingly small contributions can yield substantial results. The right equipment has the potential to save hundreds of lives. For Christians abroad who may feel too far away whenever Israel is plunged into crisis, here is a case where our support truly made a real difference.

“It was incredibly moving to witness the Israeli people in their current situation,” said tour leader Stephan Lehnert, managing director of ICEJ-Germany. “There is a great need that must be covered, but we can help address it. I believe that everyone participating in this tour will return as ambassadors who support the people of Israel.”

“It’s truly remarkable to see how deeply the Jewish people value life,” he concluded.

You can make a difference in the life and well-being of Israeli families and communities as they seek to overcome the many challenges of the current war and rebuild their lives. Join us in standing with the people of Israel in their time of need.

–by Marelinke van der Riet

With your help we will bless Kibbutz Nir Oz and all Israelis in crisis.