ICEJ Stands with Israel against Palestinian Violence over Jerusalem

A Statement by Dr. Jürgen Bühler, ICEJ President

ICEJ: Dr. Jurgen Buhler

The International Christian Embassy Jerusalem stands in solidarity with Israel in the face of the reckless Palestinian rioting, terror attacks, and rocket barrages over recent days, and condemns Palestinian leaders for intentionally enflaming Muslim passions during Ramadan to ignite a dangerous religious conflict over Jerusalem.

Through the courageous decisions of both Arab and Israeli leaders, the Middle East region has recently experienced significant and unprecedented momentum towards normalization and peace through the Abrahamic Accords. However, from the start both Fatah and Hamas have deliberately sought to undermine these developments and incited Palestinians towards the current escalation of violence and terror. Besides their efforts to disrupt this newfound dynamic of peace for the entire Middle East, their actions also are also meant to cover their own failures, such as the cancelling of Palestinian elections. Together with their backers in Iran and Turkey, they share full responsibility for this current escalation. By ratcheting up their attacks on Yom Yerushalayim (Jerusalem Day) in particular, Fatah and Hamas also viciously display that neither accepts any Jewish claim to historic, biblical Jerusalem. They instead have threatened to ignite a regional conflagration over the city, and thus we call upon world leaders to firmly stand against the inflammatory Palestinian rhetoric and actions.

We also call upon Christians around the world to earnestly pray that peace and calm will be restored quickly to Jerusalem, the Land of Israel, and the entire Middle East.