Passover Preparations are Underway

By: Laurina Driesse, ICEJ Media & Publications Director
ICEJ_Passover_2022With only a few days to go until the biblical holiday of Passover, the ICEJ-AID team is putting in extra work to ensure that this year’s celebration is a warm and comforting experience for many Jewish families in Israel living below the poverty line. So many of these desperate families were severely impacted by the coronavirus pandemic and are barely making it through each month.

During this special time of the Passover festival, families across Israel will gather around the table for their special Seder meal as they remember their journey from slavery in Egypt to freedom. It is important for each family to have all the symbolic elements which make up their celebratory Seder meal.

This year, the ICEJ-AID vehicle will navigate its way across Israel delivering special Passover care gift packages to families in need located in Jerusalem, Beit Shean, Netanya, Ashdod, Sderot, Kiryat Gat, and Ma’ale Adumin. Working together with local Israeli social workers to identify the needs, the AID team will either go from home to home to visit with the families or meet them at a centralized location to present their care gift baskets and wish them well for the Passover holidays.


Last year, the ICEJ team was showered with gratitude as smiles surfaced on the faces of around 550 families receiving their Passover care gifts. A social worker from Ashdod expressed her gratitude, saying: “Thank you so much for this wonderful help! It means a lot for all these families and will give them all a huge smile on their faces and help them to celebrate Passover with joy and dignity.”

Etti, a social worker from Netanya, remarked: “The ICEJ is making a difference in these lives, not just by the gifts but by reaching out to them yearly and giving such a special touch through this Pesach greeting card, which has a blessing on it.”

A mother receiving her Passover package also commented: “Your gift is something big for me. Your kindness and the beautiful card with those beautiful words have blessed me deeply. I keep looking at it and am deeply grateful! Last week I went to the supermarket and there were great discounts, but I had to walk out again, because I could not afford it.”

Once again this Passover, a beautiful greeting card reflecting a meaningful message of hope and love will be given along with a gift voucher, so that families can buy food for their tables. This year the ICEJ aims to assist at least 800 Jewish families for this unique and very special holiday.

As Passover distributions get underway in the coming days and with many more families needing to be reached with food vouchers and holiday gifts, you too can share your love with these Jewish families through your giving. A gift of US $150 ensures that one needy Israeli family has all the provisions they need to enjoy Passover properly. Your giving helps to create a memorable Passover Seder meal for those in desperate need during this most important Jewish holiday. 

Please consider making a generous donation to this effort.