Israel Celebrates Independence Day – ICEJ Brings Greetings from the Nations

Israel celebrated her Independence Day today. Given the war, some celebrations were more muted than in year’s past. However, we did not want the precious moment of Israel turning 76 to pass without our notice.

As such the ICEJ wishes Israel a “Happy Independence Day!” from the NATIONS. Watch this joyous video to hear voices from around the globe bring heartwarming greetings.

In Israel, the day before Independence Day is called Yom HaZikaron, or “Remembrance Day,” and is a day to remember fallen soldiers and victims of terrorism. This day is marked by sadness as the people honor those who have died and given their lives for Israel, but the next day gives way to joy as Israel celebrates her modern-day rebirth.

To be a blessing to the nation and people of Israel during this time.