ICEJ Surprises Ethiopian Families with Popular Teff Flour

by: ICEJ Staff

300x200_icej_AID-Ethiopian-teff-flourDue to the civil war and worsening famine conditions in Ethiopia, it has become difficult for the Ethiopian Jewish community in Israel to obtain a daily staple of their diet—teff flour for baking their traditional flatbread. The special grain is only grown in the Horn of Africa, and unfortunately, exports from Ethiopia to the community in Israel have recently stopped. Yet this week, through a key contact, the ICEJ had the chance to purchase a ton of teff flour and distribute it among 200 Ethiopian immigrant families at a gathering arranged by Israeli social workers in Netanya. The flour is so popular among the Ethiopian community here in Israel that the event turned into a festive gathering with a musical performance, a clown for the children, and a large communal meal featuring everyone’s favorite—teff bread!

This is just one way the ICEJ is providing assistance to a needy and vulnerable community after they’ve arrived in Israel. Your gift today can help provide assistance to other new immigrants.