Kibbutz Usha Bomb Shelter Donation

By ICEJ Staff

In the video above you’ll see how donations to the ICEJ translate to comfort for the Jewish people.

A dedication ceremony was held in early September for two shelters which were placed near kindergartens in Kibbutz Usha, a farming community just east of Haifa. The Kibbutz is located near oil storage tanks and chemical factories that Hezbollah will likely target in any future conflict.

The ICEJ was onsite for this dedication and therefore able to bring you this timely update.  

Additionally the Christian Embassy has ordered another thirty new portable bomb shelters for delivery to Israeli border communities which are vulnerable to rocket fire from Gaza and Lebanon. The ICEJ has now donated a total of 155 bomb shelters in the last 15 years to Israeli communities under rocket threat, with the majority (129) placed in towns along the Gaza periphery and the remaining 26 in the North. 

Help place more life-saving bomb shelters in unprotected areas.