ICEJ: Aliyah, new Olim

Aliyah Super Week

By David Parsons ICEJ VPr & Senior International Spokesman

ICEJ: Aliyah, New OlimDuring the course of this week, The Jewish Agency expects more than 500 Jewish newcomers to arrive in Israel from over 20 countries, including Argentina, Australia, Belarus, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ethiopia, France, Finland, Kazakhstan, Mexico, Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, Ukraine, the United Kingdom the United States, and other former Soviet republics.

The ICEJ will be sponsoring Aliyah flights for 148 of these new immigrants coming as part of the “Aliyah Super Week.” ICEJ: Aliyah Numbers

In addition, the ICEJ will be covering flight costs and other travel expenses for 99 members of the Bnei Menashe (Sons of Manasseh) community who have been approved to come to Israel under an emergency decision of the Israeli cabinet due to the current coronavirus surge in India. The decision will allow 548 Bnei Menashe to come as soon as possible, with the first flight of 274 currently scheduled to land on Monday, May 31. This emergency Aliyah airlift is being arranged via a special cooperation between JAFI and Shavei Israel, headed by Michael Freund, who has been spearheading the Bnei Menashe immigration for nearly two decades.

In total, the ICEJ will be sponsoring Aliyah flights for 247 new immigrants over an eight-day period ending next Monday. This will bring to 1,132 the total number of Aliyah flights sponsored by the ICEJ so far this year.