The Trial of Jesus – Passion Week Lessons From Jerusalem – Part 3

In the third day of Passion Week, we uncover the trial of Jesus in Herod’s Palace. Rose Ginosar, Director of External Relations for the Tower of David Museum, will share more about the archaeological significance of the site where it is believed that Jesus was tried by Pontius Pilate. Later, we will ask the important question: “Who is Jesus?” and how our answer means much more than we think.

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Our special five-part video teaching series “Passion Week” will bring to life Jesus’ entry to Jerusalem over the Mount of Olives; His agony in prayer at Gethsemane; His trial before Pilate at Herod’s Palace; His death on Calvary; and the resurrection of Jesus from the tomb on the third day! Join us at the very locations in Jerusalem where Jesus spent his last week of ministry, poured out His life for our redemption, and rose in triumph over death and the grave.

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