ICEJ: Webinar: Ten Reasons so Support Israel Part 3

Thursday, July 22, 9am EST

“Ten Reasons to Support Israel” – Part 3

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When asked why a person supports Israel, most Christians respond with Genesis 12:3, the biblical verse where God tells Abraham that He would bless those who blessed him and would curse those who cursed Him. While certainly a pertinent scripture, it cannot alone satisfy either the more curious or the antagonist.

There are actually many reasons why Christians support Israel and the Jewish people, and an advocate should be ready to articulate them all.

Join the ICEJ’s BARRY DENISION and JÜRGEN BÜHLER, for part three of Ten Reasons to Support Israel.

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Recent Topics have Included:

  • The New Israeli Government
  • Resurrection and First Fruits
  • Passover and the Cross
  • The Israeli Elections
  • The ICC Decision Against Israel
  • The Christian Role in Israel’s Rebirth
  • Christians and the Holocaust

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For Zion’s sake,

Susan Michael
USA Director