ICEJ Celebrate Passover

ICEJ USA Leads Passover Seders

“Why is this night different from all other nights?”

By: ICEJ USA Staff

This year the ICEJ held several seders in different locations across the United States. Each was unique but carried a common theme: God’s faithfulness to bring His people out of slavery and establish them in the Land of Promise—a picture of what Jesus, the true Lamb of God, did on the cross when He won our salvation. 

Dallas, TX 

ICEJ Texas Seder

It was a night of celebrating freedom as 230 people gathered for a Passover seder at VIVA Church in Dallas, Texas. “A seder is a telling of the Hebrew people’s journey from slavery to freedom—from Egypt to the promised land,” said Peter Ecenroad, ICEJ USA Young Adults Director. “Tonight included the reading of the Passover story, and it was moving for me to hear the youngest congregants asking four questions to learn why the night of the seder is different from all other nights.” 

Bram Maas and Peter Ecenroad from the USA Branch of the ICEJ led the seder with explanations and prayers expressed in English that were translated into Spanish by VIVA Church worship leader, Andrew Roman. Young children at the seder needed little help in understanding their job of finding the aifikommen, a special piece of matzah, hidden for them. Families experienced the rich meaning of the seder and enjoyed a delicious and festive meal.  

“Our seder is always family-friendly, and we enjoyed seeing young families with their children participating,” said Bram Maas, ICEJ USA Marketing Director. “The seder brought this special congregation together in song and celebration, and it was definitely an evening to remember.” 

Murfreesboro, TN 

On Thursday April 13, 2023, the ICEJ hosted a Christian Celebration of Passover in Murfreesboro, TN, with 140 families from the area. The evening was permeated with a sense of excitement and enthusiasm to learn more about Passover in light of Jesus’ death and resurrection as the perfect Lamb of God.  

ICEJ Murfreesboro Seder

While enjoying a delicious three-course meal, Rev. Malcolm Hedding took the group through the significance of Passover in its fulfillment as Jesus came to remove the bitterness and slavery to sin by His death and resurrection. Children participated in parts of the evening, giving them the opportunity to learn about the Passover on their own level. As the final cup was taken, celebration erupted in not just the grateful remembrance of all Jesus did but what He is doing today in our lives, and that He is returning soon! The evening concluded with the singing of Hebrew praise songs and messianic dancing to thank the Lord for all He has done!  

Christina Merino and her family attended the event and commented, “The 2023 Passover dinner—what a blessing! We are so thankful for ICEJ and the work they do here and internationally.” 

ICEJ California Seder

El Dorado Hills, CA 

Also on April 13, 2023, ICEJ USA Managing Editor Karen Engle organized a seder at Vintage Grace Church in El Dorado Hills, CA, for almost 200 people—many who had never experienced a seder before. Young and old enjoyed the experience, led by Messianic Jewish Rabbi Josh Rubenstein of Beth Yeshua Congregation in Sacramento. The evening started with a time of moving worship that included learning a song in Hebrew. Rabbi Josh brought his youngest son to sing the four questions, typically read or sung by the youngest child at the table, starting with: “Why is this night different from all other nights?” Karen shared, “It was a beautiful and moving evening—and many said the seder helped them understand the significance of Jesus’ death and resurrection in a new way.”