Bringing Christmas Cheer to Christian Arab Families

It is already beginning to feel like Christmas in the ICEJ’s AID department!

The Christian Embassy’s AID department has been very busy preparing for a Christmas outreach with writing out Christmas cards and buying food vouchers—and soon shrieks of laughter will be heard when bags of toys are distributed to very excited children!

This year’s Christmas dinner is going to be so much more joyful for around 1,000 Christian Arab families. ICEJ has been working with local Arab pastors from churches in Jerusalem, Haifa, Nazareth, and Bethlehem to identify needy families who will receive these food vouchers and toys.

The distribution of food vouchers will take place in mid-December so that families have time to go out and buy their food for Christmas Day and enjoy this time of celebration. The toys will be handed out on Christmas Eve during a festive annual parade in the city of Nazareth.

“It is so heartwarming that we can bring a smile to a child’s face and make sure these families can have a festive meal at Christmas,” shared ICEJ AID assistant, Jannie Tolhoek. “Many people around the world are celebrating Christmas with a nice dinner and giving gifts to one another, but so many of these families are living far below the poverty line, and otherwise would not be able to have a family meal together on this special occasion.”

Your support makes a huge difference for those in need! Help us bring a little Christmas cheer to Israeli Christian Arab families.