ICEJ Homecare Delivers a Sweet Surprise

By Laurina Driesse


The gift bags were set out and ribbons perfectly measured for tying around 120 beautiful holiday presents in anticipation of Rosh Hashanah in early September. Each gift bag contained a magnetic fridge notepad, a lovely handmade mug, specialty teas grown around Israel, and a jar of honey, thoughtfully wrapped together in a new dishtowel and finished with a ribbon and a little pomegranate symbolizing this special holiday season. The gifts also came with a unique card designed by ICEJ Homecare nurse Corrie van Maanen with a Scripture verse from Isaiah 12:2.

Corrie soon started making her way across Israel to visit single mothers, the disabled, Holocaust Survivors, and others she cares for. The Jewish holiday of Rosh Hashanah is a highlight of the year for those under her care. “As they receive this gift of love, they know that they are remembered during this holiday time,” explained Corrie. “Many come from the former Soviet Union, where they were not allowed to celebrate the Jewish holidays.”

“This is a rich and special season, and the gift card will be treasured,” Corrie added, recalling how one lady she visits wished for a special box to store all her ICEJ Homecare cards. For her next birthday, Corrie gave her a beautiful storage box and now, whenever she feels lonely, she takes it out and reflects on all the words of encouragement she has received from Corrie over the years.

The pomegranate symbolizes righteousness, knowledge, and wisdom, while the honey symbolizes a wish for a sweet new year. “Over this Rosh Hashanah season, this is certainly what we want to bless them with,” said Corrie.