Standing for Jewish sovereignty over their capital

Jerusalem United

3000 years ago the Jewish King David established his capital in Jerusalem.

To this day, no other nation can claim a stronger historical or spiritual connection to the city. No other nation has preserved religious freedom for all that live and worship there.

It has never been the capital of any people group besides the Jews. Yet, in 1980, when Jerusalem was declared the capital of the reborn State of Israel, the embassies of the world relocated to Tel Aviv.

That’s when the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem was born to show Christian support for Israel’s sovereign claim to an undivided Jerusalem.

Three decades later, that support is needed more than ever.

Today, the world wants to dictate where Jews can and cannot live in Jerusalem. Emboldened by the crackdown on “settlements” the Palestinians are now claiming all of Israel’s capital as their own. It’s time to take a stand.

For Jewish sovereignty over Jerusalem. And the right to worship God in Zion.

We support Jerusalem United.