Understanding Israel & Anti-Semitism

Israel Impact Online Course

The Restoration of Israel

Pre-Tour Course

What is the Jewish People’s connection to the Land of Israel? What sets Israel apart from other nations? What are the Jewish roots of Christianity?  In part-1 of the Israel Impact Online Course, we will explore key moments and people who have helped shape Israel over thousands of years. Throughout Scripture, Israel is promised a last-day restoration in the land. This promise rests on the faithful character of God, that He can be trusted to carry out His promises. The Restoration of Israel studies track consists of readings from both the Old and New Testaments, giving you an increased understanding of the Jewish roots of our Christian faith, the implications of Scripture as it relates to modern Israel, and an increased connection to the Bible from a personal faith standpoint.

* The Israel Impact Online Course is a joint effort of the Israel Impact Tour & Israel Answers (www.israelanswers.com).

Understanding Anti-Semitism

Post-Tour Course

In part-2 of the Israel Impact Online Course, we explore questions and issues relating to anti-Semitism. What is anti-Semitism? What happened to anti-Semitism after the Holocaust? How is anti-Semitism expressed today?

The need to confront anti-Semitism where it exists, and to prevent it from spreading, is an urgent need and a concern for all wanting to live in societies that are free from hatred. Israel needs people to stand up now more than ever as it faces more threats from enemy states, terrorists, and those seeking to delegitimize Israel like the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement. The need to build support for Israel among young adults is particularly important given the limited knowledge and lack of connection many students have when it comes to this unique nation.

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