Furthering economic cooperation in pursuit of lasting peace

Beyond Labels

A Response to the EC Labelling Directive on Israeli Settlements

EU labelling guidelines for Israeli ‘settlement’ enterprises apply a discriminatory double-standard based on a political agenda with little regard for the welfare of the Palestinian workers who will be disproportionately harmed by their implementation. Furthermore, these new rules impose a punitive burden on those Israelis and Palestinians who are seeking closer economic ties, weaken the EU’s own stated objective of fostering a climate of greater co-existence and compromise, actively encourage the boycott of Israeli goods, and prejudge the future borders of any prospective peace deal. While having minimal economic impact on Israel’s €30 billion annual trade with Member States, these regulations will prove to be counter-productive in the EU’s quest to be an honest broker in facilitating a lasting Middle East peace and, for all these reasons, should be rescinded.

Read the full statement here: Beyond Labels (pdf)