It’s the worst at night. The stillness shattered by blaring sirens. The confusion, the shouting, the heart-pounding scramble for cover. Then huddling together in the darkness, breathing hard, praying, sobbing, bracing for the explosion.

Then going back to bed and trying to sleep. Or going to bed the next night. And the night after that. Not knowing when the next missile attack will come. But knowing that it will come.

In Israel, innocent children are often the youngest victims of terrorism.

They see their parents’ faces tight with worry. They hear the news reports. They attend the funerals. They pass the damaged homes and buildings and step over the rubble on their way to school. Not long ago an elementary school in Lod, Israel, was evacuated following a missile strike and the children stood outside on the playground and watched with horror as their classroom burned to the ground.

Imagine what living under the constant shadow of death and destruction must do to these children.

It’s clear that the trauma and PTSD these young children experience can sometimes last a lifetime. If these children do not receive the help they need, it can lead to many serious problems in their lives—and in the most severe cases, even to suicide.

Educators and counselors at grade schools in Lod tell us of some of what they are seeing …

A very young child drew the Palestinian flag following a violent incident in the community and instigated a quasi-protest in the teacher’s room. When other children told him to stop, he lashed out and tried to stab them with a pair of scissors. 

One child’s performance suddenly spiraled downward when a family member was brutally attacked. Though the child’s parents were capable of caring for the child, this incident severely hindered their ability to function, and the entire family structure began to disintegrate.

We see children who need help, and if they do not get it, you will see the results in the community, like suicide, drugs, crime, etc. We must deal with the troubles at the root.”
Sabrin, Grade School Counselor

The time to save these children from a dark future is now!

The International Christian Embassy Jerusalem (ICEJ) needs your help to provide for these at-risk children through a special project called Havens of Calm.

Through this program, a peaceful space is created—a haven of calm—where counselors can engage the children and healing can take place within the school framework.

Havens of Calm can impact the immediate issues that these children are dealing with by giving them the tools and coping skills they need to deal with tremendously complex situations and preparing them to apply these coping mechanisms to their lives as they grow into adulthood.

The ICEJ needs your help to make a difference in Israel by establishing these incredibly vital Havens of Calm in every school in Israel. We need your support to reach every child affected by the rampant violence and terrorism.

We can’t count on things getting better in this part of the world any time soon, so we must support these kids in the midst of their most difficult challenges.

Thankfully, there is something we can do to turn on a light in this darkness. Your generous donation today will give the youngest victims of terrorism the hope of a brighter future.

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