Plant a Tree in Israel!

Israel 75 Anniversary

Please Bless Israel Today

The International Christian Embassy of Jerusalem (ICEJ) is working on several projects in the Negev to beautify Israel in honor of the nation’s 75th Anniversary.

We are planting trees in a large section of the Be’eri Forest which has been decimated in recent years by arson balloons originating from nearby Gaza.

This lovely forest helped provide a hedge of protection from terrorist snipers and rockets. If they cannot see men, women, and children to target, there are far fewer successful attacks which will continue to keep Israel safe for many years to come.

Thanks to donors like you, it will be restored and renamed the “ICEJ Forest” as a constant reminder of our support and care for Israel.

Planting a tree for $25 here, in this forest, can truly save lives.

Please give generously today to bless the people of Israel!

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