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Walk Thru the Bible with Susan Michael

Join Susan Michael on a walk through the Bible. Read through the Bible in a year using the acclaimed Daily Bible accompanied by Susan’s weekly Out of Zion podcast commentary. Each weekly episode will review what we read that week along with interesting artifacts or background that make the text come alive.

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Welcome to Walk Thru the Bible

We trust this journey will be a blessing to you. Please take a minute to watch Susan’s welcome message below.


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How to Start Your Walk Thru the Bible

To facilitate your walk through the Bible you’ll receive a free reading plan and weekly emails to encourage you along the way. If you ever wanted to read through the Bible in one year, this is your opportunity – please join me!

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Step 6

Invite your friends and family to join us! If you have any questions or feedback about the series, feel free to contact Susan. Thanks again and I hope you will be blessed and encouraged throughout this journey.


As this unique, chronological presentation of God’s story daily unfolds before you, you will begin to appreciate God’s plan for your life as never before. Reading the Bible will become a fresh, inviting, transformational experience.


  • 365 daily reading in chronological order
  • Devotional insights to guide you through God’s Word
  • NIV translation
  • Commentary by F. Lagard Smith
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Join Susan Michael for the 3D Jesus Series and take a journey to the first century world of Jesus where His life and ministry come alive. God was at work for thousands of years setting the stage for the birth, ministry, and death of Jesus. Hear the story, visualize the events, and understand the purpose of Jesus’ mission and why He must return.



Join Susan Michael for the 3D Bible Series and take a journey to the world of the Bible—where it comes alive and can change your life. We live in an increasingly secular society that questions everything about the Christian faith. Learn how to find the answers you are looking for about the authenticity of the Bible, the amazing story it tells, and what it means for you.


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More about Susan

Dr. Susan Michael is USA Director of the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem and host of the Out of Zion podcast. For more than 35 years, Susan has pioneered the development of the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem in the United States and around the world. READ SUSAN’S BIO HERE

Susan’s blog, Connecting Israel, the Bible and You, includes articles on a variety of Israel-related topics such as Lessons from the Land, anti-Semitism, and Current Events Impacting the Middle East. READ SUSAN’S BLOG HERE