Adopt a Holocaust Survivor ICEJ

Vulnerable Holocaust Survivors are living in desperate situations all over Israel. With your generous donation today, you can make it possible to adopt more of them into our Haifa Home and provide for their urgent needs.


Every dollar you give today will allow the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem to:


  • Feed Holocaust Survivors; even just $3 can provide a meal
  • Supply them with critical medical care and medicines
  • Provide a warm home to live in
  • Give them a place of community and companionship
  • Demonstrate the love of God to these precious people

These desperate survivors of the Holocaust need homes, hot meals, specific medical care, and the kindness of others.

Please give your best gift to help meet these needs today.

P.O. Box 332974
Murfreesboro, TN 37133-2974

(615) 895-9830


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