Unite in Prayer for Israel's Hostages

Thank you for signing the pledge to stand in prayer with other Christians around the world until every hostage has been returned safely home.

Will you take your support one step further and help protect MORE Israelis who are living in areas at high risk of attack?

On October 7th the world saw just how vital emergency protection is for the people of Israel.

Every day, thousands in Israel fear for their lives because sudden rocket attacks could rain down upon their homes, schools, or grocery stores.

When the sirens sound, some only have 15 seconds to find shelter!

With your help we can build more bomb shelters to be placed at strategic locations within the most vulnerable communities.

YOUR GIFT will ensure we can provide:

  • Peace to Israeli mothers, knowing their children are safe at school because of a bomb shelter provided by the ICEJ.
  • Safety for everyday Israelis so they no longer feel afraid while waiting at a bus stop.
  • Encouragement so the many citizens of Israel who face relentless rocket attacks can know they are not alone.

Every gift matters, even just a few dollars helps save lives.

Please give your best gift today!

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